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Friday, January 15

History of Kollemcode


It is quite unfortunate that I am not getting sufficient information about the history of my lovely village, Kollemcode. I tried to the full extend of my capability to collect information about the origin of my beautiful village through different sources, but ended up with nothing except a book, named “Thiruvananthpuram Ithihasam (mythology of Trivandrum)”, which I found during my continuous hunt on the origin of my gorgeous village. The writer of this book is a resident from Pattom, Trivandrum who depicts most of the prime places including Thiruvananthapuram, Kanyakumari etc. in this Book.

It says, “The sea shore area extended from, today’s, Poovar of Trivandrum District to Thengapattanam of Kanyakumari District was being called as Kalingarajapuram. People who were beaten in the Kalinga War had trespassed to this place and the king who was ruling this place on those days allowed them to continue their remaining life here. And thereafter, this place was started being called as Kalingarajapuram. These people worshiped Kali as their Goddess. Later on, because of the over flooded tidal waves, the people who lived there were wiped out and the place was terribly demolished and vanished under the soil.”

The myth ends here but the name, Kalingarajapuram did not disappear and, still one of the nearby places of Kollemcode is being known as Kalingarajapuram.

Also there is a tale that the same Goddess, Kali is being worshipped as Kollemcode Sree Bhadrakali Devi, today. The historic information which has been dug up from the soil is also accepting the truth of aforesaid myth.


  1. Worship was kali was prevalent right from the west Bengal to the Kumari coast, while Ganapathi worship was more practiced from Gujarat to Kumari coast. As a young boy growing up in Vallavilai, I clearly remember my uncle inscribing KALI in malayalam in the ores used in fishing.

    So, in our search to find history of our place, if we can find why KALI worship and in our famous Mudipurra and Kollemcode temples, why KALI became the main deity.

    It would be nice if we could find either from IHIHASM or archaeology or through written histories from Travancore annals or any related sources.

    Johnson RF, Canada

  2. Kollemcode is located north-west to Cape Comorin (Kanyakumari) and south-east to Trivandrum (capital of Kerala). This place has historical importance since the Portuguese invasion in India.Kollemcode was a part of the Travancore state ,later came under Tamil Nadu state.According to Census of India Website, Kollemcode is the second largest town in Kanyakumari District with a polulation of 34,425 only behind Largest Town in Kanyakumari District Nagercoil with a population of 208,179. Colachel is third largest town (population: 23,787). It has around 1,600 acres (6.5 km2) of harvest land, beautiful long golden beaches,back waters and a mountain on one side. Kollemcode is a gifted place to live. Considered to be a thickly populated place, Kollemcode is blessed with a lot of lush-vegetated areas surrounded by trees.
    Kollemcode is another place where you can feel humanity & communal harmony. Kollemcode is one of the highly literate town with

    Places of Attractions
    Kollemcode Devi Temple
    Edappad herbal beach
    Marthandanthurai silver sand beach
    Neerody Church - more than 100 yrs old
    AVM canal boat ride - vallam ride
    Vattavila greenway Paddy fields
    Kalpotta hills
    Kakkavila Cashew factory - admission available upon request
    Kalladi Imperial Company - admission available upon request
    Medavilagom Coir factory - admission available upon request
    Kollemcode kadhi(co-optex) factory - admission available upon request
    Vallavilai Ice manufacturing company - admission available upon request
    Sri Devi Mills - admission available upon request
    Shyju audio processing lab - admission available upon request
    Jesus youth arena
    Mother Teresa Junction chapel
    Marthandanthurai adoration hall & Shrine
    Vallavilla warm spring

    -- jega from bangalore(taken from wikipedia)
    Ajeesh you can collect all these information adn update the document


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