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Wednesday, February 3

Kollemcode Devi Temple Festival - THOOKKAM - First Day Procession (Kollemcode Devi Ezhunellathu)


Meena-Bharani Festival or popularly known as THOOKAM is the most important and sacred festival of Kollemcode Devi Temple, which is a 10 days festival and the THOOKAM offering happens on the 10th day that is on Bharani star of the Malayalam month, Meenam (March – April). The THOOKAM festival is being celebrated at Venkanji Temple (commonly known as Puthiya Mudippura) which is 1.5 km away from Vattavila Temple (commonly known as Pazhaya Mudippura) where the deities have been worshipped on other days. On the first day of the festival, the supreme mother, Kollemkotamma is carried to Venkanji Temple after having conducted Pooja at different consecrated places and having accepted offerings from people on the way of procession, which is accompanied by elephants, melams and devotional songs.

This procession starts from Vattavila Temple in the morning and reaches Purakal Abode (Purakal Bhavanam) which is situated very nearby to Vattavila Temple. The remarkable speciality of this place is a sacrosanct well. According to an old mythology, it is being said that the supreme mother, Kollemkotamma is originated from this sanctified well in the form of Betel-nut (adakka). There will be a big Pagoda (Panthal) made of pure green coconut leaves and auspiciously decorated with different colours of flowers for offering Pooja for the deities. After having accepted pooja from here, the deities are being carried to the next holy place called Anchumukin Karivayal via Kythinada and Kannankulam. Same kind of pagoda will be made in this place for offering pooja for Devi. Thereafter the deities are carried to nearby place called Brahmin Madam for offering pooja, from there the deities are carried to Thirumannam Junction via Shastha Nagar (Pettakada), Imperial Company. There will also be a beautiful green pagoda for offering pooja for Kollemkotamma. Besides, food is also offered from here to all the people every year on this particular day.

Apart from aforesaid pooja at different places, all Hindu people, on the way of procession, clean and decorate their house for offering pooja for Kollemcode Devi. Obviously, it is matter of proud for all the people of Kollemcode and RSS followers in decorating the path of this procession with frills and lanterns. After accepting pooja from Thirumannam Junction, the deities are being carried back to Vattavila Temple; thereby the first stage of the first day procession ends there, followed with a sumptuous feast for serving all the devotees come to visit the shrine of the Supreme Mother, Kollemkottamma.

In the evening, the second stage of the procession starts from Vattavila Temple, starts with small children carrying different colours of flags followed with sparkling colours of umbrellas (Muthukuda) and accompanied with elephant and Panchavady Melam to Sree Devi Higher Secondary School via Kannanagm Junction. Yet another addition to this procession is Sree Devi school students adorn themselves and accompany with Kollemcode Devi with Thalapoli offering. A wonderful pagoda will be decorated in the school premises for offering pooja for Devi. Thereafter, Devi visit nearby places of Kannanagm junction and accept pooja from the most important place of Kannanagm, the Nagaraja Temple which is on the way to Venkanji Temple. By this time, the place between Kannanagm junction and Venkanji Temple would have been fully thronged with devotees and spectators. And the place gets alived and illuminated with shimmering and glimmering of lanterns. From there, Devi goes to Sree Mahadeva Temple via Naduvathumuri and accepts Pooja.

By this time, Kollemcode start to witness the gathering of thousands of devotees in and around Venkanji Temple. From Mahadeva Temple, Devi directly reaches to Venkaji Temple via Govt. Higher Secondary School and three times go around the temple and then enters inside the temple. Subsequently, under the guidance of Chief Priest (Melshanthi) the inauguration of the much awaited, the most important and sacred festival TOOKKAM that is “Temple Flag Hoist” happens. And from thereon, the feast continuous with different religious program and entertaining program for 10 days and at the last but not the least, the festival ends with the most famous THOOKKAM Offering on 10th day and followed with Kuruthi pooja in the mid night.

(Note - It is very difficult to express the feel and importance of our own festival THOOKKAM with this manner, hence we humbly request all the visitors and readers of this blog whoever not experienced and have not seen THOOKKAM to visit the shrine of Kollemcode Devi and be part of the most sanctified festival and be blessed with the power of The Supreme Mother, Kollemkottamma) .

Here you can watch the Youtube videos of Kollemcode devi procession.

Read it in malayalam


  1. Thanks for posting these wonderful videos.They sure are the greatest feast to our eyes.May the supreme power bless us all with good health and prosperity.

  2. entey peru abilash anu njan chennai lu anu ....... entey native place nithravila ....eniku ippo natlu varan pattatha avastha anu...njan ippo valiya kashdathila eniku vendi ammeraduthu prathikanum entey kashdam ammeku ariyam amma enne kaividalley By Abilash


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