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Thursday, January 27

Kollemcode devi devotional songs

Download devotional Songs of Kollemcode Sree Bhadrakali devi.

From various albums- These are  the best selected songs.

Album : Nerchathookkam
Lirics : Sivakumar Pappanamkode.Krishnakumar Kollemcode
Music : Jijith
Singers: Rimi Tomy,Nikhil Raj,Saritha Rajeev,Rakhi
Production : Pradeep karthika, Krishanakuar kollemcode

Lyrics: Pappanamkode Sivakumar,Krishna kumar kollemcode &Jayalekshmi.J
Music : Praveen sreenivasan
Singers: Jins Viswanath,Pramod,Prashob,Sretha
Producers : Pradeep Karthika, Binu Vellarada

 4. Thookka villu 
Lyrics : Pappanamkode shiva kumar
Music : Venu Anjal
Singers : Nikhil Raj,Akhila Anand,Soorya Gayathri,Rakhi
Production : Pradeep Karthika, Krishnakumar Kollemcode
Studio : Karthika Audios,Pacode

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